Doshground terms and condtions

carefully read through the terms and how the website runs

All payments on this site is user based; meaning it a user to user system. Whenever you signup, the system assign an upline(another DoshGround member) to you immediately. DoshGround is a communnity of like minded users with small cash trying to keep the flow of money within themselve. DoshGround is not a person (though managed by humans) or a company neither is it an organisation. It just a program that runs on the web.

On DoshGround people gain and nobody loose unless those who choose to loose. The people who loose are complainers who don’t understand user to user community. DoshGround don’t pay you, it is members that pay themselves. There are times when payments are going to be slow on DoshGround. Times like this might look like the system has crashed or is about to crash (just like Nigerians always say) – but NO, it just means members are unwilling to pay other members. In cases like these only the paranoid survive. Now who are the paranoid? These are people who understand network schemes. They go around inviting new people to join the community using their invitation link and they get 100% bonus from those people. Those who complain loose at the end because they discourage other people from joining the platform.

Before a user joins the platform, some primary data would be collected. These data are kept in closed database application hosted on the internet. The data can only be accessed and edited by the user alone unless otherwise. On the registration page the user has to set his/her password for their personal use. This data are safe and would not be sold by anyone without the proir permission of the owner. DoshGround will collect some basic bank information from the user for member to member transaction. Currently DoshGround don’t have online payment integration since it not needed for the time. DoshGround can’t be held responsible for any scamming act on the platform by some unhearty users. Interaction is at owners risk. (Please take your time to read how the platform works, so not to be decieved or scammed by anyone) also A situation where a user recieve money and refuse to approve the sender, such user will be deleted from the platform the moment it been discovered by DoshGround.

DoshGround do have a good amount of traffic daily. Some traffic comes from word of mouth (a user recommending another user). One can decide to advertise the platform and whenever a user signup it increase the chance of getting paid. A user can make the most of DoshGround by personally inviting people to join the website and whenever those people signup the system assign them to the user who owns that link.

how do DoshGround get to run online without paying some neccessary online bills – impossible. Every website is hosted on a server and revenue is required to keep the platform running. DoshGround will makes 1 – 10 percent of payments that takes on it daily depending on the level of transaction that takes place each day. This revenue is used to keep things up and running. The revenue is also use to advertise on online to help increase ROI time.

By reading this we believe you have understood and agreed to our terms of service. Thank you for your co-operation, we hope you make the most out of this program.